Johann Malm

The thought of helping people helps me to create awesome media productions, live presentations and digital systems.

Lika a story

I like to think of an idea and create it from scratch in order to have control of the idea from start.

Digital Systems: Image uploader

I used web technologies in order to make a software that can upload images easily. Each uploaded image will be displayed on the page. This took a little time to do.

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Digital System: Chart

Web technologies was used in this project in order to create a chart that is showing bars on different levels. The program can be useful when creating statistics for different data. In the script you an easily ad bars and the bars will fit the chart perfectly.

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Digital system: Watch

I have programmed a watch. During the process from idea to finished I was using web technologies such as JavaScript. This was an easy task to do. Next time I will increase the level.

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Live presentation: About my life

I had a live presentation about my life story at Almåsgymnasiet in Borås. In the presentation I told them about my childhood and how to live with mental illness. Afterwards they told me to come back and they encouraged me to stay creative.

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I use my experience, my teachning and my computer skills and turn it into creative works, just for others.

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